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Lemurian Light Energy Healing - Private

1 hr - Revitalize your body's electromagnetic field with light energy

  • 1 h
  • 175 US dollars
  • Flagler Village - Fort Lauderdale Location|ONLINE ZOOM SESSION

Service Description

Lemurian Light Healing is a therapeutic energy healing modality that channels the high vibrational divine light energy of the universe for removing blockages of energy that hinder the body's innate ability to heal itself. The Lemurian guides and the love of the divine creator are channelled and called upon to send the color and light code frequencies most needed for the issues, conditions, and emotional states that are most in need of healing. These coded frequencies are very healing, nourishing, supportive, relaxing and full of high vibrational energy that raises your vibrations and manifests healing on a cellular level. Our bodies are completely made of energy that oftentimes become blocked or lowered by our physical, mental and emotional environment. Lemurian light healing brings these energetic states of being back into resonance, coherence, and homeostasis by helping you clear the old subconscious programming embedded in your system that has hampered your connection with the divine source of energy that feeds and fuels our existence. Clearing energetic blockages is the key to reconnecting with this unlimited and abundant life force energy. In doing so, it helps you connect to your divine nature and tunes your energetic system and brainwaves to a more balanced and relaxed state; a state of being that in most conducive to the healing process. This can have lasting effects. Lemurian light healing raises your vibration so you can also more fully access the universal and divine knowledge that is available to all of us. As your vibration raises with these loving, healing light codes, they will tune you to a higher vibrational state of being and you will begin to understand and open you up to your own spiritual awakening. Each private 1 to 1 Lemurian Light Healing session, there will be relaxing sound vibrational music played to enhance the experience and help your body receive the light frequencies from the Lemurian Guides that reside in the higher dimensional planes of existence. It is like inviting a little piece of heaven into your energetic system, for love, support, awakening and healing. There will also be a 15 minute intuitive scan and intake in order to understand the issues you wish to address in the session and you will receive messages from the Lemurian guides to help you in your process of awakening and self-healing. Each session is customized and taylored to your individual needs. This is a live Zoom or In-Person session.

Cancellation Policy

All services, appointments, sessions, classes, courses and trainings are pre-paid and non-refundable. For appointments and sessions only, If you need to cancel an appointment or session, please give us at least 24 hours notice and at least 48 hours for 2-hour appointments and above. We will try to reschedule you as soon as we have availability. For classes, courses and trainings, we may be able to have you join a future class, course or training, if available, as long as you let us know at least 48 hours before the date and time the course, class or trainings are set to begin. Also, once you attend the first class in a series, course or training, we cannot reschedule you for a future training. Also, If you do not cancel during the cancellation periods, or you cancel more than two times, we reserve the option to not reschedule you. Missed appointments for any of our services are non-refundable. We understand that extenuating circumstances do arise and we will consider those on a one to one basis when we make a decision about cancellations.

Contact Details

  • Northeast 5th Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA

  • USA

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