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The Ministry of the Diamond Light is an modern, Spiritualist, Scientific and Mystical Healing Community, combining quantum science, technology, innovative bio-energy healing modalities, and mystical and spiritual knowledge and trainings with practical applications that empower, heal and bring self-awareness.

We seek truth and evidence of the esoteric and mystical, guided by natural laws, sacred knowledge and quantum principles combined with practical approaches that are meaningful and helpful for a person’s self-empowerment, self-fulfillment, spiritual growth and multi-layered healing process.

We work with enlightened information contained within a person’s bioenergy informational field that allows us to understand the information contained in the many dimensional layers of the human energy form and how this information within the system effects our mental, emotional and physical wellness and state of being.  Diagnosing imbalances and disturbances in your energy field can allow you to become aware of and preempt future physical discomfort and disease and to inform the modality of healing that will be most beneficial.

In all of its sharing and offerings, The Ministry, hopes to build a peaceful and accepting environment of self-discovery, where everyone can safely learn new practical, spiritual and mystical life-enhancing skills that will help you expand your intuition, raise your vibrational frequency and help you discover your most powerful spiritual allies; all of which lead us to our own Divine power and the fulfillment of our ultimate Soul calling.

We also hope to challenge you to see things in a new way and to value yourself and others in a way that you may have never thought possible, allowing us to more easily let go of our attachments to the programming and negative thought patterns that disconnect us, disempower us and keep us from reaching our full potential.

More importantly, The Ministry Of The Diamond Light wishes to help you forge your own self-designed path to success by helping you build self-confidence, self acceptance and the skills that will help you connect more deeply with yourself and others. 

In a compassionate loving environment, Continually Channeling the high vibrational frequency of the diamond light (the frequency of divine love), The ministry Ultimately hopes to help you discover the ways in which you can reclaim your power and become your own divine creator!

We are a non-denominational, dogma-free, guilt free, compassionate, loving, accepting environment, that fosters and aims to nurture your own personal Self-empowered connection to the divine creator, God, the infinite divine intelligence, the divine laws of the quantum field, as well as the divine creator within you.

Although we embody the overlapping principles of spiritualism and ancient sacred knowledge, our approach is different from any traditional religious organization. You are free to explore your own personal version of your own spirituality. Our focus is on empowering you through scientific and sacred knowledge to give you a clearer understanding of the divine principles that have practical applications in your life and allow you to manifest the life your soul desires. In that vain, We offer tools for Self-awareness, self-actualization, personal achievement, self-healing, which are all meant to help you discover, and fulfill the divine plan you set out for yourself.

Our expanded version of a spiritualist gathering is to bring the community together both in-person and online to experience all of the benefits of inspired, channelled spiritual guidance and healing that can direct you to practical solutions to life’s challenges. We offer Mystical, Practical and Spiritual tools that bring empowerment, insight and healing while empowering you to tap into your own unlimited potential for a more self-directed and fulfilling life experience.

We love to help people navigate the difficulties that arise in life by helping to shift our perception to understand how each challenge is also an opportunity for empowerment. We do this all an accepting, supportive, loving, compassionate environment.

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