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6 Month Sacred Soul Purpose Mentorship

Weekly Sacred Relationship, Soul Purpose, Ascension Manifestation Coaching Program - Live Zoom

  • 2 hr

Service Description

This Sacred Ascension and Transformational Healing Coaching program. Weekly 2 hour LIVE ZOOM Coaching This gives you time needed to develop and implement the discoveries and tools taught in each session, while also allowing you consistency and accountability that helps accelerate your growth and success in manifesting Our personalized practical and mystical Individual and group mentorship programs are designed to help you awaken to and develop a variety innate gifts and talents with support and guidance. you will gain insights and develop practical and mystical skills that will empower you to become an expert facilitator of your desired life plan. In this way, we will help you intuitively discover and align to your chosen path toward fulfillment. We do this through A variety of Intuition-based Tools, practical and spiritual Guidance, and Self-Attuning exercises that will help you forge a clear, attainable path toward your personally desired goals, We will support you by clarifying your path to self-discovery and self-development in the aspects of your life with which you wish to have a personal breakthrough. We also make available a wide variety of mystical and practical life enhancing trainings. our mentorship program is a means to obtain a more personalized experience of which skills you wish to and are most inclined to develop as a group or as an individual. Discover the unlimited possibilities of personal Empowerment and your own personal achievement.

Cancellation Policy

All services, appointments, sessions, classes, courses and trainings are pre-paid and non-refundable. For appointments and sessions only, If you need to cancel an appointment or session, please give us at least 24 hours notice and at least 48 hours for 2-hour appointments and above. We will try to reschedule you as soon as we have availability. For classes, courses and trainings, we may be able to have you join a future class, course or training, if available, as long as you let us know at least 48 hours before the date and time the course, class or trainings are set to begin. Also, once you attend the first class in a series, course or training, we cannot reschedule you for a future training. Also, If you do not cancel during the cancellation periods, or you cancel more than two times, we reserve the option to not reschedule you. Missed appointments for any of our services are non-refundable. We understand that extenuating circumstances do arise and we will consider those on a one to one basis when we make a decision about cancellations.

Contact Details

  • USA

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