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Personal Empowerment Podcast


PEPTALKZ is a destination of positivity and personal empowerment; creating a platform that brings people together for the purpose of self-discovery, personal development, self-healing and personal achievement. Our mission is to create content that breaks through the programming and perceptions that keep us from reaching our full potential personally, professionally and spiritually. We do this in a simple, supportive, no nonsense and uplifting way. The PEP TALKZ community shares the belief that abundance comes to us when we encourage and empower ourselves and each other to achieve our dreams.

This Podcast Channel is designed For The Purpose of Personal Empowerment though Practical, Mystical and Spiritual Content, Interviews, storytelling and Channelled Messages Designed to bring a New Perspective on healing, our divine nature, Dimensional Reality, and our Unlimited possibilities and Potential as divine creators

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