​The Ministry of the Diamond Light, through its inspirational video storytelling, Channeled Messaging, Webinars, Live Online workshops, trainings, mentoring sessions, readings, and energetic healing modalities, seeks to build a strong community of empowered, intuitive, forward thinking individuals that seek to inspire and be inspired by others in their shared journey toward the personal empowerment of all of its members.

In this sharing, The Ministry, hopes to build a peaceful and accepting environment of self-discovery, where everyone can safely learn New practical, Spiritual and mystical Life-Enhancing Skills that will expand Your intuition, raise your vibrational frequency and help you discover your most powerful spiritual allies; all of which lead us to our own Divine power and the fulfillment of our ultimate Soul calling.

We hope to challenge you to see things in a new way and to value yourself and others in a way that you may have never thought possible, allowing us to let go of our attachment to the programming and negative thought patterns that disconnect us and disempower us.

More importantly, The Ministry Of The Diamond Light wishes to help you forge your destined path to success by helping you build self-confidence, self acceptance and the skills that will help you connect More Deeply with yourself and others. 

In a compassionate loving environment, Continually Channeling the high vibrational frequency of the diamond light (the frequency of divine love), The ministry Ultimately hopes to help you discover the ways in which you can reclaim your power and become your own divine creator!

Embrace who you truly are and Discover and manifest your true Soul's calling through practical, Spiritual and mystical pathworking.

reclaim your power
and Become Your
Own Divine Creator

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Roberto Amedeo martocci 

About Roberto  

Roberto, a born empath and Intuit, has studied and practiced Extensively For 20 + Years in the Field of Energy Healing, Personal Empowerment Mentorship, Intuition and Psychic Development, Heart Centered Communication. Counseling, Divination, Mediumship, Remote Viewing, Spiritual Guidance (Channeling Spirits, Masters, Guides and many other higher Vibrational, galactic and inter-dimensional Beings). 


His path of self-Discovery has led him to become deeply entrenched in his Shamanic and Magickal Training, which he has utilized to Empower himself To Manifest His True Soul Calling, which is to Create a Ministry of the spiritual And Mystical Arts.  A place of compassion, love, Empowerment and Acceptance, a safe haven community of Modern Mystics and others that are now awakening to their own spirituality and mystical gifts. 


With 20 + years experience as a practitioner, He has finally developed a Practical and Mystical School To Guide its meMbers on a path of Self-Discovery, healing, self Actualization and personal and spiritual growth. Activating, Awakening And guiding them in the development of their innate gifts In the Mystical Arts with the goal of self-empowerment, self-Awareness and self fulfillment, 

He has Also created his own Channeled Energy Healing Modality called Quantum Unity Intuitive energy Therapy (QUIET). This higher vibrational healing modality is fueled with the channeled love, compassion and support of the 4th dimensional heart energy frequency. Throughout each session the practitioner will also channel specific healing energy and messages from higher vibrational energies/light beings from the higher dimensional realties of the 5th dimension and beyond. This New modality will also become A multi-faceted, extensive and fully comprehensive energy healing Practitioner Training program beginning in the early months of 2023