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Bio-Energy Field & Aura Diagnostics
Multidimensional Healing
Spiritual Development

and Personal Empowerment 

Rev. Roberto Martocci

Rev. Volodymyr Karnaukh



Rediscover & Nurture Your Quantum
and Limitless Potential

Our Multifaceted offerings Provide, Advanced Tools, Trainings and Healing Sessions For a holistic Approach Toward Self-Discovery, Spiritual Development, and Multidimensional Healing:

We also Provide:

Personal Empowerment Mentorship/Coaching

Spiritualist Gatherings
Psychic/Mediumship/oracle readings

Energy Therapy/Bodywork:
Innovative Bio-Energy Field Diagnostic Technology the "Crystal Method"
Crystal Bowl Sound Healing
Guided Meditation Journeys
Polarity Energy Therapy 
Quantum Unity Intuitive Energy Therapy

Lemurian Light Healing
Reiki Energy Therapy
Massage Therapy
IR Light Therapy

Mystery School:

Practical, Mystical & Spiritual Teachings:
Intuitive & Psychic Development
Heart-Centered Communication training
Tarot, Oracle Readings & Channeled Messages From Spirit Allies

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